Wetland BNG Units for Sale

Wetland Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) units are increasingly significant in the market, especially with the mandatory BNG requirements under the Environment Act.

Landowners, especially in ecologically rich areas like wetlands, have the opportunity to create and enhance habitats that result in increased biodiversity net gain units. These units can then be sold to developers who need to meet their BNG obligations

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10% BNG Mandatory From 12th February 2024

The government announced with the 2021 Environment Act that from January 2024 (April 2024 for smaller sites), all development projects must make sure that, as a condition of planning permission being approved, they increase the net gain of the biodiversity of an area by a minimum of 10% compared to the pre development biodiversity value.


What Are Wetlands?

Wetlands are diverse ecosystems where water is the primary factor controlling the environment and the associated plant and animal life.

These areas include marshes, peatlands, and swamps, which play a crucial role in the natural landscape.

They are vital for water purification, flood control, and carbon sinks: a natural or man-made system that absorbs and stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Wetlands support a rich biodiversity, providing habitat for a wide range of wildlife, including numerous bird species, amphibians, and plant life.

These ecosystems are not only important for wildlife but also for the services they provide to humans, such as recreation and tourism.

What Are Wetlands BNG Units?

Wetlands BNG units refer to the quantifiable increase in biodiversity value attributed to wetland ecosystems as part of the BNG policy.

These units are calculated based on several factors including the size, quality, and ecological significance of the habitat. Wetland restoration or creation projects can enhance these units, which are then used to offset biodiversity losses elsewhere due to development.

Wetlands are assessed using the Biodiversity Metric, which considers features like plant species, vegetation quality, and the presence of water bodies to calculate a site’s biodiversity value or BNG units.

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