Grassland BNG Units for Sale

Grassland Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) units are becoming crucial in the environmental conservation market, driven by the mandatory BNG requirements set by the Environment Act.

Landowners with grassland habitats have a unique, unprecedented opportunity to develop their land by turning them into BNG units. These enhanced units are valuable to developers seeking to fulfil their BNG commitments under new environmental regulations.

On our BNG Unit Marketplace, we offer a selection of premium grassland BNG Units from various locations nationwide. The platform is user-friendly and accessible, providing solutions to BNG requirements in a few clicks.

10% BNG Mandatory From 12th February 2024

The government announced with the 2021 Environment Act that from January 2024 (April 2024 for smaller sites), all development projects must make sure that, as a condition of planning permission being approved, they increase the net gain of the biodiversity of an area by a minimum of 10% compared to the pre development biodiversity value.


What Are Grasslands?

Grasslands are dynamic ecosystems characterised by their dominant vegetation—grasses—interspersed with a variety of herbs and, occasionally, shrubs and trees. These habitats can range from green, lush landscapes to more arid and semi-arid areas, offering a rich biodiversity.

In the UK, grasslands encompass a range of types, from ancient meadows rich in wildflowers to modern pastures. They are critically important for supporting a wide array of wildlife, including birds, insects, and mammals, each adapted to the specific conditions grasslands offer.

Historically, many of the UK’s grasslands have been lost or degraded, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts to protect and restore these vital natural spaces. Grasslands not only provide essential habitats but also play a key role in carbon sequestration and offer aesthetic and recreational values.

What Are Grasslands BNG Units?

Grassland BNG units foster the enhancement of biodiversity within UK grassland habitats; crucial for the BNG initiative.

These units are calculated by assessing the grassland’s size, ecological value, and condition, supporting efforts to restore or establish new grassland areas.

This compensates for biodiversity loss due to development elsewhere. The Biodiversity Metric, a tool that evaluates plant species diversity, vegetation quality, and community structure, is utilised to determine a grassland’s BNG units, reflecting its contribution to biodiversity goals.

This process ensures that grasslands’ vital role in supporting diverse ecosystems is recognized and integrated into conservation strategies.

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