Our Mission

Our Mission

Gaia is the world’s leading marketplace for green technology

Gaia is the world’s leading marketplace for green technology. We provide qualified, ready to purchase biodiversity units and other climate solutions for UK organisations who are looking to achieve both governmental and internal green targets.

The Gaia marketplace allows the buying and selling of pre-qualified, formally registered, and ready to purchase biodiversity units.


We Take Care of Your Technology

We Develops Solutions For Organisations To Achieve Both Governmental and Internal Green Targets

About Gaia

Maximising the value of land and recovering nature

As a developer or a buyer, the added burden of compulsory biodiversity credits can be a daunting and expensive prospect. At Gaia, we handle all of this for you. By ensuring that only formally registered and professionally valued biodiversity credits are sold on the exchange we can save you huge amounts of both time and money, allowing you to focus on your various projects. 

As a landowner or a seller, Gaia provides a way to increase the biodiversity in your region. Up until now, the choice has always been whether to choose financial benefit or the environment. Gaia now provides the option for both, whether you are a private landowner or a local council in charge of public space, Gaia not only provides you with expert surveyors and environmental consultants that can formally value and register your land, but we also provide the marketplace in which you can manage, trade and sell your various credits. 

The team here at Gaia are focused on delivering the best quality environmental products in the world. With our experience of government, marketing, software and environmental tech we are uniquely placed to help companies deliver on their goals.