Gaia Plus is a full BNG service for land owners

Thinking about BNG? On average, a hectare of land can make 2-6 BNG Units, and a single BNG Unit makes landowners £28,000.

Gaia Plus starts with your land and transforms it into fully-fledged BNG Units promoted on the Gaia BNG Marketplace.

Let us do all the work for you and maximise your natural capital today.

3 Steps to BNG


The first stage is ecological to explore the scope of your BNG prospects.

This begins with one of our ecological partners visiting your land and running an ecological assessment to confirm your sites are applicable for BNG.

Following applicability, they will administer the BNG Metric to measure your land’s BNG potential and the scale of your Units.

Last is the HMMP (Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan). This is an extensive process that our ecologists take full care of.

It results in detailed measures of your BNG Units and their official information, crucial for the next stage and for buyers to search and find your land on the Marketplace.


The second stage is legal to officialise your BNG venture.

After completion of the HMMP, we aid you in beginning your legal documentation, including Section 106 agreements, or Conservation Covenant.

We handle everything for you by finalising and submitting all required documentation to your LPA (Local Planning Authority) or Responsible Body for their approval.

Once we receive approval, we assist you in submitting your units to Natural England’s Biodiversity Gain Site Register. This official registration of your BNG Sites to the governmental register is your final stage of confirmation.


Skip the long waits – once your HMMP is done, we automatically publish your units onto our state of the art BNG Marketplace. We advise you on listing prices, information layouts and everything in between. 

Instantly, buyers can find your Units in seconds using our filtering systems and send you enquiries.

This means you can line up your buyers to sell for once you finalise the documentation down the line, saving time and delays.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

There are no charges or fees, Gaia just takes a commission when you make a sale on one of your Units. If your Units never sell, you never pay.

We offer bespoke services depending on which stage you are in. This can be discussed in the initial meeting call.

We provide a demonstration of the seller side of the BNG Marketplace so you can manage and update your listings with ease.

No, as we proudly maintain a marketplace that is fair for all.

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