Manage, showcase and sell natural capital with Gaia Enterprise

The UK’s first natural capital asset CRM with a white-labelled marketplace to showcase and manage environmental projects with ease.

Gaia Enterprise

Discover why the UK's forward thinking councils and land managers trust Gaia

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Versatile software

Built for anything and everything environmental

No matter the scale or nature of your projects, our software is custom-tailored to your needs. Subscribing to Gaia Enterprise grants a close relationship with staff at Gaia to ensure your software is continuously optimised.

Funding for nature

Attract private funding into nature capital projects

Incentivise investment by showcasing sustainability initiatives in an inviting and professional manner, using the Gaia software. Raise awareness by having a powerful, clear platform that engages and informs the public eye.

Gain powerful insights

Gain a Natural Asset CRM

Derive data-driven insights and track listings with a Natural Asset Management CRM. Manage thousands of projects in one organised space and grow from internal analytics.

Polished software

Present a sleek, client-facing front end

Control modules, areas, and configure every setting. Instantly adopts your brand identity to fit perfectly amongst existing web projects. Gain the ability to share projects in an optimised format and foster enhanced connections.

Learn how Gaia Enterprise can aid your organisation


Share with Clients

Impressively share certain projects and assets with key clients or audiences.

Save Time

In a week, you can get a brand new Hub to highlight green efforts and plans.

Be Heard

Attain thorough contact with Gaia team to ensure software matches requirements.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to clunky endless spreadsheets, and have everything organised for you.


Save money on website building, hosting and maintenance fees with one monthly software subscription.

Cancel Anytime

Gaia Enterprise is monthly rolling subscription. If it's not for you, cancel anytime.