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Connecting you with highly qualified and pre-approved environmental consultants and surveyors

Biodiversity Units are a fantastic revenue stream for anyone who owns land with the massive bonus of it also enhancing the beauty and natural biodiversity of the land. A lot of individuals believe that they should be doing their part to support and preserve the environment in the country that they reside, however it is unreasonable that they should have to take a financial cost in order to do so. Biodiversity credits are the perfect solution to this.

However it can appear to be quite a tricky process to undertake. 

This is where Gaia comes in. We connect you with highly qualified and pre-approved environmental consultants and surveyors who are able to formally assess the biodiversity of your land, assign a value to it and, if you approve, and register it on the national registry. 

Gaia then provides you with the perfect marketplace with which you can manage, trade, monitor and sell your biodiversity credits. 

If you are interested in finding out more then please get in touch. And also see a list of Gaia approved environmental surveyors and consultants on this page here.

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