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Saving you a huge amount of time, stress and revenue

November 2023 is a significant moment for developers and anyone working in the construction sector. This is because, from that date onwards, all sites will require to improve biodiversity net gain on any project by 10% as a minimum through the purchase of biodiversity credits. 

These can either be purchased on the private market or you can buy directly from the government as a backstop. However the government backstop is deliberately a lot more expensive. 

And so at Gaia, we take all of this on for you. We not only source credits for you, we also formally register and price them, allowing you to purchase the exact amount from the correct category of biodiversity credits. We also provide you with a marketplace to resell them if , for whatever reason, you fund yourself with an excess or no longer need them. 

In short, we save you a huge amount of time, stress and revenue.

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